Abstract Expressionism

Demi Theoharis

    Art for me is exploring forms, shapes, colors, and lines in an undefined form. I see lines and color as one, and through that I find objects and shapes. I use the simple line to capture the essence of movement, sound and even atmosphere. I then put the lines and color together to compliment them.
    I experiment with boxes, squares and rectangular forms. I am never sure how a line and form will look after layering shape over shape and color over color.
    I create paintings with acrylic, water color, tissue paper, any found paper and crayons. I do that by arranging them together, putting them next to each other or on top of one another and by cutting paper by hand, scissors or knife. I am concerned with the quality and the integrity of the paint itself and the quality of the flat form. I create something new that gives me an
aesthetic inner pleasure and love. 
    Through these works, every time, I see something new. I see the life, the form, and the human element.

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